Carsons mormon documents
Carsons mormon documents

Carson's Mormon Stuff

This is a collection of several of the documents and presentations I've created over the past few decades of intense personal Mormon studies.  This page has the ones that I get requests to share the most.  Most of these are dropbox links to my account so that as I update them the latest version will always be available.


Below are my top five links of Mormon stuff, but if you are new to Mormon studies and history I suggest starting with links 1 and/or 2. This is to see that there are some legitimate problems with Mormonism that you most likely don't know, don't know the full story of or don't know that the arguments against the church actually are credible.  Once you see that "you don't know what you don't know" and there are significant problems with how the church presents itself as God's one true church with prophets that speak the will of God, you'll be over the first hurdle.  At that point people usually say, "Well, yes, there are those problems I didn't know about, but it doesn't matter because I know the church is true!"  Once you get to this point please read link 4 that explains how you can't use emotional reasoning to prove the church is true because people in other religions feel the exact same feelings as you over completely different doctrine.  Getting over this second hurdle will enable you to get over the cognative dissonance that all people in all orthodox religions feel when the are confronted with evidence that indicates their religion is not what they thought it was.  You'll be able to emotionally let go of the natural desire to irrationally defend your faith and approach it from a logical and rational place.  Finally, at this point you'll be able to make decisions about your life that will lead to objective conclusions that will bring a greater amount of satisfaction and happiness into your life.  The only significant negative at that point, and it's a big one, is that you'll be rejected by family and friends that stay in the faith.  It will hurt, and hurt significantly, but the authenticity and new knowledge you'll gain will be worth the rejection.  This is especially true if you can influence them to think more logically and rationally about their faith to the point that they join you to escape the sad chains of dogmatic oppression.

1 - "My 7 top questions that developed for me over the years of doing research" that shows with primary sources how there are many things about Mormonism that you don't know and when you do, it significantly changes the way you understand how things happened.

2 - CES Letter, another summary of many church problems with citations and good explanations without going into books and books of detail.

3 - "Hijacking Evoluion Outline" that explains how so many things Mormonism explains as being from God are just results of our tribal evolution tendency towards community.

4 - "Zelph on the Shelf - Open Letter to Mormons and Apologists about Emotional Reasoning" that explains how what Mormons say is the spirit is actually felt exactly the same way by people in other religions so either it isn't the spirit as explained by Mormonism or God uses the spirit to confirm any path that makes you get closer to him.  (See below)

5 - Our exit letter explaining why we left Mormonism (see "Our Exit Letter" below or click )



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